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Hand rolled donuts, kolaches, croissant.
Tray of Jumbo Suasage & Cheese Kolaches,
Quality is love made visible.
Ingredients to make kolaches, donuts, brithday donuts, bacon donuts, croissants, breakfast, tacos, doughnuts, muffins, oreo donuts, and cake donuts.

Baking From 

The Heart

Since 1984 Mrs. Donuts has been perfecting the process of making donuts and kolaches to produce the best quality product.  Everyday at the break of dawn we hand roll our dough that our customers has come to know and love. Mrs. Donuts is also known for our famous caramelized bacon on our donuts, croissants, tacos, kolaches, and biscuits. It is our promise that quality always comes before quantity. 

Mrs. Backham

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